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System Setup & Maintenance
Computers can do amazing things, but they will only do what you tell them. NetDirection will help you to set up your computers and networks to make the most of the technology you already own, and help you decide on any upgrade path you may require.
Configuration & Optimisiation

Out of the box, your new computer or device is typically configured for generic use to deal with any number of the ways you may use it.

This means you'll have a lot of processes and services chewing up resources in the background and slowing your system down. This will increase over time.

NetDirection can help configure your systems and devices to run only the programs you'll need, to free up your CPU and memory and to increase your machine's speed and lifespan.

Problems Diagnosed and Resolved
When problems do arise, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience for troubleshooting, fixing problems and restoring your system back to optimal condition.
Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal and Repair

Viruses, spyware and malware are an unfortunate reality when running any computing device.

NetDirection assists you in minimising your exposure to these digital nasties and reducing your risk.

We specialise in removing infections and repairing any damage that may have occurred.

Linux & Android

Our preferred Operating Sysytem (OS) choice is Linux with Ubuntu Linux for Servers, PCs & Laptops and Android for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Linux is a light but powerful operating system that can be easily and inexpensively tailored for your needs. NetDirection are confident with all flavours of Linux and Recommend the Ubuntu distribution for normal PC & Server use.

Android is the preferred operating system of choice for many smart phones and tablets. NetDirection can help you with your Android devices from selection and setup to building custom apps for you.

A number of other specialty Linux based systems are also available for devices such as media centres and a multitude of purpose built units.


Microsoft Windows has historically been the default PC and Laptop operating system and continues to be the only PC operating system many software packages will run on.

At NetDirection, we have over 20 years of experience with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

We also work well with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc) but do recommend against them unless your heart is already set on them, or you already have the devices and want to integrate them with your network.

The power of your computer or device multiplies exponentially when connected to your own network and the internet.

A properly designed and implimented network is essential for performance and security.

NetDirection can help you make the most of these technologies by centralising your data and allowing different levels of access to users as you see fit.


Startng with your own local area network (LAN), you can provide a secure centralised data store for all the files your users will need.

This can be anything from documents, spreadsheets & databases to pictures, music & video.

These files can then be accessed from any point on your network through wired or wireless connections.

Internet & Web Sites

Presence on the world wide web, or internet has also become a must for businesses and individuals alike


The internet is a universal communication medium that includes not only the World Wide Web (where you might read the news or watch a video or do some online shopping), but also allows the interconnection of all internet enabled devices. In principle you can access any device connected to the internet from anywhere in the world.

Beginning with low cost, simple websites to get your feet wet, and moving up to dynamic database driven websites for online shopping, we can get you online.

With a simple website you can make yourself avialable to your customers online. You can provide them with information, contact details, communications channels and the abilty to place orders online.

Your website can be fully integrated with your own network and internal databases or stand alone for reduced overhead.

NetDirection will design, build, maintain and monitor your website for you. We can arrange hosting as needed and any connections you may need for your own premises.

To keep your network secure, you'll want a robust firewall to police who has access to your systems and data. NetDirection can show you how to protect your machines both individually and at a network level.
A virtual private network (VPN) can be installed to allow you to securely and seamlessly connect remote devices across the internet into your LAN. The VPN connection is encrypted and prevents unauthorised monitoring, access or intrusion.
Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) allows you to break free of the Telecommunications companies and set up a computer as your own telephone exchange, using the internet to carry the connections rather than standard phone lines. This usually turns out much cheaper to use once set up.
While network administration is a vital job, it's not necessarily a full time one. NetDirection will take care of your network administration duties, freeing you up to run your business.
Backups & Disaster Recovery

Like any electronic or mechanical device, your hard disks and storage can fail.

When something does go wrong, you can recover quickly with regular backups and a planned and rehersed disaster recovery process.

Computer Security is a combination of infrastructure and practises designed to your data safe. NetDirection will ensure your security by showing you how to protect your devices, networks and passwords from accidental changes or outside attacks.
Content & Parental Controls
NetDirection can advise and assist with controls on your computers to protect your users from areas they shouldn't be in and threats from outside.

Owning a state of the art computing system is one thing. Being able to run it and have your staff using it is another, much more important thing.

NetDirection offers support services on an "as needed" basis or we can be on call to handle your issues as they arise. We have the experience and skills to assist you in running your systems no matter the size or complexity.

Advice & Planning
Knowing how IT systems work and understanding the IT landscape is our bread and butter. Speak to us about your needs and your plans and we can advise on how you can get there.
Make sure you and your staff know how to handle your software and are confident with it. We train to empower people and take the computing out of their work. The computer is a tool you use to do a job. We help you ensure the computer isn't a barrier.
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